Property Management

Property Management has been the core of our business for over 20 years. We bring a total of nearly 50 years of professional experience and expertise into our working relationship with you. Our service area includes Fort Myers – Cape Coral – Bonita Springs – Lehigh Acres.

Our PM services go hand in hand with our investor program.

Key features:

  • Transparency & reliability
  • Pet fees paid to owner
  • Late fees paid to owner
  • No cancellation fees
  • No invoice mark-ups
  • Regular property inspections
  • Good communication with owners, tenants and vendors, keeping the owner in the loop of all important transactions (unless otherwise desired).
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Real Estate Investment

We purposely use “Real Estate Investment” over “Buying Real Estate”… simply for the reason of it being very likely one of the most important “purchases” for any individual.  Being that important, we treat you and your needs with the diligence and care that such a large investment requires, and we are sure that you will appreciate it.

Our approach:

  • We get to know and understand you and your needs.
  • Equipped with this understanding we scan the regional real estate market to find good matches for your real estate goals.
  • We assist you in the whole purchasing process to assure a smooth transaction.
  • We have good working relationships with reputable accounting and legal firms (trusts, immigration, etc.) to help you take care of these matters as well.
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Real Estate Sales

Whenever you see the need to sell your property, we make an excellent partner to accomplish your goals. Interestingly it is our expertise in property valuation for investors and buyers that makes us an asset for you. Our “inside track” to the current buyers’ mindset helps us in establishing reasonable market value and preparation to sell your property efficiently and with highest return in mind.

Our approach:

  • When it comes to selling property many owners seem to forget what and how they were looking at available properties when they were buying property. We – in a friendly and professional way – reconnect you with that mindset, for this is what gives you and us an edge in a competitive real estate market.
  • We employ smart technologies and services intelligently to help with the marketing of your property to maximize market exposure.
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Mission Statement – Introduction

It is our utmost goal to serve those who require our services in the areas of real estate sales and property management efficiently with integrity, diligence, fairness and expertise.

We work by and apply the “Golden Rule” and expect the same from our landlords and tenants.

Kind regards,

Your FLRECO Team      

Next Step… For You!

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