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Our Story

Since 1994 we have been dedicated to the real estate profession. Pretty much from the very beginning we have attracted a very diverse clientele from the US, Canada, South America and Europe. Our specialty is to address their specific needs and competent handling of their investment and construction process (new construction supervision) and the post purchase management of their properties (single family homes, condos, single owner multi-family-complexes). Naturally we have established good working relationships and cooperate with experienced legal, tax and insurance professionals to assure proper set-up of holdings, corporations, liability and all fiscal matters.

Over time, with a growing client base and its diverse needs, we expanded into handling all property related responsibilities for apartment complexes, commercial properties and vacation rentals as well.

Our Business Philosophy

The many years in real estate in general and property management in particular have tought us a few lessons, but there are two lessons in particular that we apply in all our interactions with our clientel and business partners:

  • There are no shortcuts: do it right, do it now, do it right now!
  • Treat every person the way you want to be treated. Courtesy, honesty and integrity are not just words for us.

Meet the Team

Regardless of individual expertise, in the end it is the team behind each individual and the synergy of their efforts that is responsible for the end result. So, let’s meet the team!


Beverly Parys

Administrator – Head of PM Divison

Remy Parys

Remy Parys

Broker – Owner – RealtorĀ®

Dee 01

D’Andra “Dee” Denslow

RealtorĀ® – Sales & Rentals

Anne Marie

Anne Marie Meszaros

Admin. Assistant Extraordinaire

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